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Our Story

Just Funky

The seeds for Just Funky were sown when Raj, at the age of 14, envisioned becoming a distributor for the mass market. This dream turned into reality when he, along with his parents,
started Classic Imports LLC. The company grew exponentially, and with the addition of Shivani, Raj’s wife, they expanded into the fashion industry with Funky People and Pura Vida.
In 2013, Raj and Shivani took a leap of faith and started Just Funky from their garage with a mere $5,120 in their bank accounts. Their dedication, hard work, and the support of their two
children, Pranav and Sahil, laid the foundation for Just Funky’s success. Today, we are proud to be a leader in the CPG industry, with a name that stands for quality and innovation


We Think, We Plan, We Do

Our Vision

Create the coolest products with the latest innovations
•Bring a smile to our customers’ faces
•Help fans express their fandom in different aspects of their lifestyles

Our Mission

To be the coolest, largest premium CPG global partner for all mass and specialty stores
At Just Funky, we’re not just a business – we’re a family. Together, we work tirelessly to create products that make our fans smile and celebrate the things they love. Thank you for joining us
on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and grow with you by our side.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

At Just Funky, our talented and diverse team brings together a vast array of skills and experience, ensuring that we deliver the best products and services to our customers:



Our fearless leader with the savviest of business sense and a keen eye for detail



With a sharp eye for trends, Shivani keeps our team ahead of the competition



Highly motivated and competitive, our sales team ensures that our clients have access to the best products and customer service



Our talented designers push boundaries to create innovative and eye-catching products.



We go above and beyond standard inspections, ensuring the highest quality in our products



With extensive experience in the licensing industry, our production and sourcing team focuses on quality and timely deliveries



Our dedicated team stays ahead of the curve, studying current trends and forecasting future ones.

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